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The style of fashion accessories brand IDee comes from the romantic Europe. Each series has its charming essence to be at, mainly contents the earrings, the necklace, hangs falls, the brooch, the hand chain, the foot chain, the bangle, the ring and so on. And the IDee applies the most advanced Germany technologies-VARP, which helps the French romantic accessories send out attractive charm with you. The French romantic accompanying the accessories, coming around with you, will send out Inviting charm. Each of the Idee has very appropriate style and depth, which is both charming and fashion. Because of her brief, sex appeal, illusion feeling and the fashion, wearing the IDee, you will be a so charming woman.

The IDee brand connotation: Individuality, nature, fashion, romantic,
Individuality: advocates the freedom and unique individuality, but not lose the contains
Nature: brief, but not lost the personal charm
Fashion: the keen sense of newest popular tendency, and lead the fashion tendency
Romantic: source from France, the design brings you the French romanticism character and style
The IDee fashion accessories, accompany women’ life-long beauty.

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