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Tips for Idee accessories care
1.Avoid contacting hot spring, seawater, shower cream and so on.
2.If the accessories are stained or become dark, please clean them lightly with the clean silver cloth or rub then
with toothpaste until froth up, and then sweep the accessories lightly and cleanly with the soft fur brush.
3.It is very difficult to get to the original color if not clean in a long time.
4.To avoid contacting the article or oil stain affects their brightness, please take off the rings and the handchain when being engaged in jobs such as washing clothes, washing dishes and cooking.
5.Please don’t wearing the accessories when being engaged in strenuous exercise or move some heavy thing. The friction and crash maybe result in such thing——the face is cracked, even damaged ,and the gem comes off.
6.To avoid the cosmetics essence corrode the accessories, suggest wearing the jewelry after the makeup.
7. Change the jewelry constantly. In order to avoid sweat long-term corrosion, Don’t wear the identical accessory in a long time, especially in the summer. The sweat will corrode your jewelry for long-term touch. So you can reserve more jewelry to change.
8、the accessories are easily damaged when they meet chemical medicine. Both chlorine in swimming water and the salinity in sea water can corrode the surface layer of the accessories.Therefore,it is better to take off all the accessories before swimming or having a bathe.
Tips for Idee silver accessories care
The chemical property of solver is livelier. When it meet the dioxide in, they will react to the dark silver sulfide. To recover the beautiful silver luster, you can use the following way:
1.Add soda ash in the water. Then clean the silver accessories in the water.
2.Use silver cloth or silver cream to wipe it. (You can buy them in the general accessories stores. Something need to point out especially: don’t wash silver cloth in the water, because it contains special liquid medicine.)
3.Sweep the accessories by the soft cloth with some toothpaste, and then clean it in the water. Dry it with the cotton cloth.<br>
4.Soak in the special water to clear silver, use clear water to clean it, then clean it with cotton cloth again. Keep dry will be OK. But suggest using clear silver water in the least times. Because of clear silver water is the chemistry product , be to make use of clear silver water to be able to bring about to silver work product coming self corrosivity under clean silver work , long usage hurt.

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